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Competitive Academy



Click here to register for the Fall 2020 season

Practices begin the week of July 12  2020, with the game season beginning in September.  When you register, you'll be registering your player with the "Competitive Academy" and will be connected with a coach for that team once we have that information for you.


KOPSC’s current travel soccer program will now be divided into 3 new programs to be better tailored to an individual player’s ability and level of commitment.

Acceptance into these Academy programs will be based on player evaluations each spring.  These assessment evaluations will be open to all area youth athletes age 8-18.  Assessment evaluations will be individually empirically based, and value the ability of the individual over their familiarity and friendships with other players in their age group.  The results of the assessment will be made available to players’ families when a specific academy placement is offered, so players will know where their strengths are and where to concentrate their training efforts throughout the upcoming year. With new additional league placement options, KOPSC will ensure an appropriately competitive level for all players in the program based on the results of player evaluations and specific team groupings. All Travel Academy, Select Academy, and Premier Academy players will receive continued guidance and a written evaluation with personal recommendations from KOPSC’s Director of Player Development at the end of their season.



KOPSC’s new Travel Academy will closely mirror the current travel program, and will be aimed at the travel player who enjoys soccer, but also likes to play other sports or participate in different activities in the Winter and Spring. The Director of Coaching and Director of Player Development will have a new, higher degree of influence over individual team’s training practices and greater interaction with the team’s coaching staff, along with providing a specific season-long program curriculum for each team. This will help create a more unified approach to team training practices and resultant development that will benefit all players within the Travel Academy program. 


KOPSC’s Select Academy will provide a more consistent range of higher-ability players within these teams, as determined by Spring player assessment evaluations. Players in this invitation-only program will participate in leagues with a more rigorous level of competition. They will also be asked for a significant level of personal engagement with their team and must be committed to enhancing their individual game through attendance at team practices and league games, as well as additional training opportunities throughout the year. 


Practice and training sessions will be run by the collaborative effort of licensed, professional trainers and trained experienced volunteer coaches with a structured curriculum created by the club’s Director of Coaching and Director of Player Development. Both newly formed teams and current teams migrating to Select Academy will be encouraged to adopt a year-round level of play with outdoor leagues and tournaments in Spring, Summer, and Fall, as well as indoor training and playing options in the Winter months.


For the truly elite player/teams, as demonstrated by outstanding results from Spring player assessment evaluations, KOPSC is pleased to announce a new Premier Academy program. Upon being invited to be a part of this top-level program, players with exceptional ability will be placed with a team led by a dedicated licensed, paid professional coach that will work with the team exclusively from beginning to end. Premier Academy teams will practice, train and play year-round, participating in the highest-level Fall and Spring outdoor leagues, Winter indoor leagues, elite tournaments and state-wide cup competitions in the spring. As well as other player-specific training, to prepare players for successful high school and college playing careers. 

The goal of all three of these programs, to varying degrees, will be to develop players’ physical performance, technical proficiency, and tactical awareness. 



In addition to these 5 new program offerings, KOPSC will promote additional specific training opportunities for players throughout the year, including Specialty Clinics, Summer Camps, and in-house Winter Indoor programs.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity for your player to take their game to the next level - register for these new upcoming programs today!

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