KOPSC Announces Travel Player Assessment Dates and Changes to the Process


As many of you know, we made some changes to player assessments last year. We are continuing to learn from our experiences, and have made only a few changes this year – most notably, we are only having 2 player assessments per age group. Here is what you need to know about our 2019-20 Travel Team Assessments:


Assessment Dates – Click on the "Assessments Date" tab above for assessment dates for each age group. Each age group (boys and girls) will have 2 assessment dates. Please try to attend both, if possible. We recognize that other commitments may conflict with some dates, as such, we have made sure that no age group has assessments on the same evening of the week more than once and that only one assessment date for each age group is on the weekend.


Rain Dates – Rain dates will be determined and communicated on the website, if needed.


Location – All player assessments will occur at Baxter Park, located at 650 S. Henderson Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406.


Arrival Time – Please arrive no less than 15 minutes prior to the start of assessments in order to check in and receive a tryout shirt.


What To Wear and Bring – All players are requested to wear dark colored (preferably navy or black) shorts and socks. Other colors sometime conflict with the colors of the training bibs and can cause some confusion for players (and assessors). All players must wear shin guards and cleats. Players without shin guards will not be allowed to participate in the assessment. Please bring water and a soccer ball. This year, all players will be issued a tryout shirt that they will be required to wear on both assessment dates. This allows each player to have a unique number throughout the assessment process and limits any confusion for assessors.


Cost of Assessments –All players who have registered AND paid by April 21 may try out without paying an assessment fee. If you have not registered AND paid by April 21, you must pay a $20 non-refundable assessment fee and complete an injury waiver. Waivers must be signed by parents or legal guardians. Please DO NOT drop your child off for assessment with $20 and leave without signing the waiver. Failure to do so will prevent your child from participating in that assessment.


Play Up Policy – KOPSC has an existing Play Up Policy, Click Here to Review Playing Up Policy. This policy exists for exceptional players to be rostered on teams that are no more than one age group older. This is a very rare occurrence and only happens in instances where that player’s development would be better served with a higher competition level. For this year’s placement sessions, the following rules will be in place to guide this process:

·      All players must attend at least one assessment for their own age group. No exceptions.

·      If you believe that your child has exceptional talent and may qualify to play with the older age group, based on our existing Play Up Policy, you must attend the placement sessions for the age-appropriate group. You may also request ahead of time to attend the older age group’s session. Only those players who requested to attend an older age group’s session will be allowed to attend that session. Any player who shows up on the assessment date and requests to try out for an older team will not be allowed to do so. Any request to try out for an older age group must be made to Matt Wintersteen at mattwintersteen@yahoo.com BEFORE the first assessment for that age group.

·      Please note that assessors will use their discretion during this process and talk with families throughout the process if it appears that the player is unlikely to meet the requirements of the play up policy. In other words, a player attempting to play up an age group who is deemed to unlikely finish in the top 25% of the older age group may be asked to attend a placement session with the age-appropriate group.


Assessors – a minimum of 3 individuals will be assessing each age group at every assessment. This group will consist of individuals within the club with extensive coaching experience and knowledge of the assessment process. The head trainer for the club will also be present.


Scoring – All assessors will be prepped on scoring criteria ahead of the placement sessions. Each assessor will rate all players in the age group across multiple domains at each assessment attended. A player’s final score per session will be the average of all assessors. We recognize that existing coaches often have exceptional knowledge of their previous players, and we want to include that knowledge in the assessment process. However, a head coach’s score will count for no more than 33% of the total score, in order to avoid any potential for bias. After all placement sessions are completed, a player’s overall score will be computed by averaging their final session scores across the two placement sessions.


Team Placement and Notification – All players who attended the placement sessions will be notified within one week of the final assessment about their placement, and parents will be asked to accept or reject their offers within one week from notification. This is necessary to help insure that roster spots are appropriately filled. Blue teams are considered to be highest competition level within an age group, followed by White and then Yellow. If all of the Blue spots do not get accepted, a player on the White team may be invited to move to join the Blue team.


Team Expectations – It is important that every family understand the commitment expected at each level of competition. Please refer to this link for expectations.


Team Costs – Beyond the club registration fees, each team is responsible for managing their own budgets. Generally speaking, each tournament will cost a family about $50-$65 in registration fees, plus the obvious costs associated with travel. In the winter, indoor soccer and futsal may cost families between $75-$110. So a player on a Blue team that is playing in four tournaments over the year and two indoor sessions may pay around $400-$500 in additional fees over the year. White teams typically pay less, and Yellow teams generally pay even less. Some of the more competitive Blue teams may pay slightly more, as they may enter more tournaments or rent indoor practice space in the winter time. Also, tournament fees for older teams tend to be much higher than for the younger teams, so this may also impact cost. Again, these are only estimates. Questions about these additional costs may be sent to Matt Wintersteen at mattwintersteen@yahoo.com.


Refunds – Refunds for those who fully complete registration will only be issued to individuals in the event that they are not offered a place on one of our travel teams. All other refund issues can be reviewed here.