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Try Outs and Assessments


Tryout/Assessments Info

Competitive Academy Player Assessments are now over.  If you'd like to be considered for a team, contact us here.



Q: If we played in Competitive Academy last year, or in the past, do we have to attend assessments?
A: YES!  Every year is a blank state.  Assessments ensure proper player placement for each team to best develop the player and the team throughout the year.  

Q: Do we have to attend all 3 assessment dates for our age group?
A: In short, no. Players planning to play Travel for Fall 2021, players must only attend 1 assessment session.  If the player wishes to play on a Select or Premier Academy for 2021-22, player must attend 2 assessment sessions. 

Q:  My child played on a combo team last year. -OR- My child played up 1 year from their birth year.  Which assessment sessions should they attend?  
A:  KOPSC has a "Playing Up" Policy that you can read all about.  The short answer is the player is to attend assessments for their birth year.  Additionally, if they'd like to be considered for a team 1 year up from their birth year, they must also attend that birth year's assessments.  



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