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Try Outs and Assessments

2022/23 Competitive Academy Tryout/Assessments

Registration CLOSED

If are you interested in joining a competitive team please fill out this form.

Full Details:

  • May 2-6th, 2022*

  • Baxter Fields, 650 S. Henderson Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406

  • $10/athlete

  • Open to all athletes who will be u8-u19 in the 2022-23 seasonal year. (Birth years 2004-2015)

  • All athletes are required to attend at least one evening of assessments. 

*Should a session be cancelled due to rain, we will have a rain-make up the following week at a later determined time.

On the day of your assessment:

  • ARRIVE to your assessment 15 minutes PRIOR to session start time.

  • CHECK IN at the clubhouse to receive a numbered pinnie to easily identify player during evaluations.

  • EVALUATIONS will be conducted by professional trainers.

  • PLACEMENT will be sent via email within 5 days of the last try-out session.



Q: If we played in Competitive Academy last year, or in the past, do we have to attend assessments?
A: YES!  Every year is a blank state.  Assessments ensure proper player placement for each team to best develop the player and the team throughout the year.  

Q: Do we have to attend both assessment dates for our age group?
A: In short, no. However, attending both sessions will provide more data for our evaluators.

Q:  My child played on a combo team last year. -OR- My child played up 1 year from their birth year.  Which assessment sessions should they attend?  
A:  KOPSC has a "Playing Up" Policy that you can read all about.  The short answer is the player is to attend assessments for their birth year.  Additionally, if they'd like to be considered for a team 1 year up from their birth year, they must also attend that birth year's assessments.  

Q: My child plays for Development Academy, how do I know if he/she is ready for Competitive Academy? 

A: Talk to your coach and ask for his or her recommendation. Sometimes it’s obvious such as when a child is frequently dominating every game. However, because of the different ages and genders in Development Academy it may be more difficult to make that determination.  If it’s something your child is interested in, there is no harm in trying out and seeing where he or she fits best when playing against the same birth year and gender.

Q: What is the difference between Development Academy and Competitive Academy?


  • Competitive Academy is a higher level of play.
  • Competitive Academy practices 2x a week vs 1x a week for Development Academy
  • Competitive Academy teams almost always a single gender
  • Competitive Academy teams are grouped by birth year instead of grade
  • Competitive Academy teams play half their games against other clubs at the other club's fields, instead of other KOPSC teams.
  • Competitive Academy teams usually play and practice year-round (Fall, Winter, & Spring)

Q: How much travel is there at the Competitive Academy?

A: On average the travel time is about 30 minutes but can range from about 15 minutes to 1 hour.


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