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Try Outs and Assessments



This includes tryouts for travel, select, and premier teams.  

We are delighted to announce we are part of the EPYSA Try-Out Initiative by agreeing to begin tryouts after May 1, 2020.  Therefore, KOPSC tryouts will be held from 5/2/2020 to 5/8/2020. 

Tryouts for the 2020 Season have been canceled. 




8-16 (Players born 2003 to 2012)


Program Dates:





James Baxter Park

650 S. Henderson Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406




$10 (Walk-up Registration will be $25)


Select and Premier Academy placements will only be offered to those who attend two or more sessions and whose scores reflect those of the higher level, competitive academies.

Travel Academy placements will be offered to those who attend one tryout session only and/or whose score and commitment to play reflects that of a recreational travel league.

We have doubled the try out days from two to four from last year to give parents and players more flexibility.

Assessments will be split into three different sections this year:

Physical Fitness Testing: will assess the components of fitness (speed, agility, power, strength, endurance and flexibility).

Technical Skill Testing: will assess all technical skills used in soccer (dribbling, passing and shooting).

Tactical Awareness: players will be observed by assessors in a small sided game on their tactical awareness and creativity (decision-making, positioning, accuracy and vision).



As part of our Pathway Model Initiative and new player centered Mission Statement & Club Philosophy, we want to ensure our assessment procedure reflects our goals so each child is assessed in the most effective and transparent manner. 

Assessment and results will emphasize the ability of the individual player over their familiarity and friendships with other players in their age group.

Assessments will be records-based to ensure total transparency and equality.

Results of the assessment will be made available to players’ families when a specific academy placement is offered.

Players will see where they ranked compared to other players’ scores in their group.  Other player’s names will not be disclosed and will remain confidential. 

Official placement offers will be sent out after completion of the assessment process.

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