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KOPSC New or Replacement Uniforms

To purchase new or replacement travel uniform once the season has started click here.

To order uniforms during the initial ordering period visit the order page at Angelo's Soccer Corner.


Before you order you must know your child's number. To find your child's number:

1. Go to, then scroll over "Travel Soccer" until the drop down menu appears. Once it appears, select "Boys Teams" or "Girls Teams." Then select the appropriate age group for your child. Make sure you pick the right age group that your son or daughter will be playing in.

2. Once you select the proper age group, you will be redirected to the team page. The team page will look pretty empty. Under the flag icon next to the team name, click on the word "Roster." Once you do this, a list of ALL players within the age group will appear with their respective number. This is not divided by Blue and White teams. All of the kids are together, and only one number is available per age group. Find your child's name and write down their number.

The following items are required:

  1. Navy blue jersey
  2. Yellow jersey
  3. Navy blue shorts
  4. Navy blue socks - these are custom socks. If your child has a tendency for losing socks, you may wish to purchase two pairs of socks.
  5. Gray Augusta Raglan Tee (practice shirt)